It’s All About Megaword!

A Megaword for Everyone!

Matthew and Jacob have recently pulled out the old Power Ranger Bin from the basement. It was neatly packed away in a large plastic bin labelled “POWER RANGERS”. It is mostly filled with Power Ranger Samurai figures, Megazord and other Zord add-ons and some other power ranger gadgets and trinkets. The boys added their Dino-charge chargers and Dino parts that go onto the ends. ┬áPart of me is thrilled that they are going back to these old toys. This is great. More value for the money spent, plus Jacob is sharing his old toys with his brother, which is great. The problem is finding missing parts, incomplete collections, etc. The Power Rangers Samurai were popular about 4 years ago. You can see this especially startlingly when you look up the IMBD page for each of the actors that appeared on the Power Ranger Samurai and Power Ranger Super Samurai shows. Click HERE for the IMDb page. The actors have all changed quite substantially, understandably so. They were very young when they filmed these episodes.

Nonetheless, Matthew has been looking for Bull Zord lately. He really wants this. As you can see from the pictures, he has many ‘basic’ megazord pieces. Some are from Megaforce although many are from the Samurai collection.

There will be more postings about Power Rangers. Matthew’s world revolves around Power Rangers right now.



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